25 October 2016

Nemecene: The Gadlin Conspiracy, Science Fiction Trailer

Co- Directing with the author Kaz Lefav, Comp, FX & Editing. 

Thanks to Matthew Lau for the Character/FX paintings, Bo Peng for BG Matte Paintings and Eshan Dissanayake for Co-Compositing this with me.
#kazlefav #nemecene #sciencefiction #booktrailer
Site: https://store.nemecene.com/

21 March 2016

REEL 2016

REEL 2016 from Ayan on Vimeo.

00: 00 Arthur S18|S19                                                                    Adobe Aftereffects | Flash | AVID
00:12 Wild Kratts S3|S4                                                                                     Toonboom Harmony
00:42 Sheridan Appreciation Video                                             Whiteboard Animation . Caricature
00:47 Nature Cat S1|S2                                                                                     Toonboom Harmony
01:02 Stanley Dynamics                                                                            Adobe Aftereffects | Flash
01:05 Were We Lucky (Documentary Short)             3Ds Max | Photoshop | Aftereffects | Premiere
01:27 Esurience (Short)                                                                                    Adobe Creative Suite
01:56 EB Games Logo Replica                                                   3Ds Max | Photoshop | Aftereffects
Music Copyright: Nora En Pure & Sons Of Maria - Uruguay (EDX's Dubai Skyline Radio Edit)