23 March 2012

_New Pitch at Nick_

Me + Nikhil Arjun Seth first pitch to a network.

Two bee or not to be. 


Nikolas Ilic said...

haha I want to know more about Wallo

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

oh man this looks awesome!!! I wanna know mooore!

and if you get picked... you should let me help out :P

~ said...

Haha...I wish I get picked. lol.

Thanks people as you two are the only consistent ones on my blog lol.

Anyways Ya Aminder you have to do teh boarding for me if it does get picked. 'Cause I suck at dialogue.

Nik I need you for layouts man, with all those crazy skills off yoru mentor.

Katherine Lim said...

seckkk!! they're so cute! awesome concept ayan :)