02 June 2011

_ESURIENCE_Making | Trailer_

TEASER. on hold till next year due to festival reasons.

Esurience_Teaser from Ayan on Vimeo.

TRAILER.MAKING_Final release will be next year due to festival submissions.
ESURIENE_Making | Trailer

Chinese: Jīè
Hindi: bhookh

Syn: Hunger feeds off the living's need for survival. Excessive hunger feeds of its soul. This excessive hunger is called 'Esurience'. A dog's hunger for chicken may lead to a dog being the food for another's hunger.


Paul Halasa said...

Looks great Ayan, you have a solid compositing reel.

~ said...

Thanks paul. Got more to put, just have to finisk em.:)

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

woow, i kiiinda get how you made your film now. I like the music in the reel too - works really well